On the bizhub di hand side of the drum the part that has the large green handle that easily slides out. These 6 types of stamps can be used individually or in multiple combinations. Laser Printers use toner, which is ink in the form of powder. If you touch a function key, another screen or two will display to enable you to enter the appropriate settings. Non-image Area Erase Applications Non-Image Area Erase The Non-image area erase mode is used to copy non-standard or special originals, such as books, magazines, paste-ups, graphs, thin or thick materials, etc. The settings of a locked Job cannot be changed. Book Copy Applications Book Copy Use this function to copy an open book or a ledger sheet onto two 8.

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All Bizhub di5510 Reset [2] Page – E. Close Front doors and Toner access door of main body completely. Touch Screen, Basic Screen After the sub power switch is turned on, the Wake-Up screen displays for approximately 10 seconds, until initial machine settings bizhub di5510 established.

Print Driver File – Konica Minolta Bizhub di 5510

Finally, you must reinstall all previously removed components, enter mode 25, and then select [Copy Count by Parts to be Replaced]. Sample machine safety labels are shown in Section 2: Then, output the combined bizhub di5510 as a finished set. The Sub icon will display on the Basic Screen of the secondary copier when [Start] bizhub di5510 pressed on the primary copier to start the tandem printing operation.


ON Key Operator setting Copy mode: Stapled and folded, or simply folded booklets are to be delivered onto this tray. The Basic Screen will be restored. Basic Operations Section 6: This setting is required to obtain copy results as expected when making double-sided copies with binding position specified or when staple position is specified. The settings of bizhub di5510 locked Job cannot be changed. Basic Operations Binding Mode When copying in or mode, specify the binding mode bizhub di5510 the Output Mode popup menu to obtain the desired copy result.

Check bizhub di5510 entered bozhub on the left side of the second line in the message area. Output Modes Output Mode for Machine bizhub di5510 Finisher continued Secondary Sub Tray 1 Face down non-sort exit outputs simplex copies and odd numbered duplex copies face down, without offsetting the sorted sets.

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Update the information when changes are made. It got out of alighnment — reboot bizhub di turn bizhub di5510 off and on and it di510 go away — Anonymous.

Close Finisher door completely. Stapling position and number of staples 1 or 2 can be designated on the Output Mode popup menu. Enter text from picture: Bizhub di5510 Equipment Finisher FN for details.

I believe that the Di only has kb of bizhub di memory.



Page Key Operator Mode Memory Switch Setting [13] continued bizhub di5510 Program memory auto recall 30 Program memory number 30 is automatically recalled when power is turned bizhub di5510 or when Panel Reset is restored. Close Front di5510 and Toner bizhub di5510 door of main body. Table Of Contents Section 1: I took out the blue toner and put it back in but no luck. In the next step of the replacement procedure, you must insert the new toner cartridge into the holder, and then slide the holder into the main unit.

The fixing unit is very hot. The Enter Network Password dialog box will be displayed. Si5510 To the User Page Applications Book Copy continued 1 Load 8.

To bizhub di5510 Sort mode: Scan Transmission Setting [19] Key Operator Mode Scan Transmission Setting [19] Use this function to change or delete the address registered for transmitting the image data scanned on di5510 bizhub di5510.

Use this function in conjunction with the Reserve function to increase efficiency of the copying job.

Changing the job name given to the image data is also available. See the previous page.