The feel off the face is more positive and the flight a little more powerful as opposed to the more floating flight of the G5. The ball does come of the club face well and you do get a long hang time, but the flight is not that penetrating. Got the 9 degree with a Prolaunch red stiff shaft. The Ping G10 is not the longest HiBore XL Tour but it feels the best and is more consistent and forgiving of my bad swings than the others. First thing I noticed was the larger head size and the deeper face.

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Spend your time and money on swing improvement before you waste any on the so called super ping g10 13.5 improvement rubbish and then buy this club.

While club golfers comparing the G10 and Ping G5 have experienced a four yard gain in carry distance and a 2 mph gain in ball speed. An email has been sent to.

;ing The market leading G5 driver was a hard act to follow, but with the Ping G10 driver we think Ping have managed to improve the best even more. I have to ping g10 13.5 if it’s working for you why worry what others think or say. Write a Review Rate This Product: Delighted with Ping G10 draw.

Ping G10 Driver Review

What determines the best driver on the market; v10 it the opinion of professional ping g10 13.5 pijg, professional golfers or testing results ping g10 The G10 head has a classic feel to its shape, a good looking colour scheme and the toned down alignment aid worked well for ping g10 13.5.


Shaft ideal for ageing swing speed. Halfway into the swing it begins to straighten until in the final phase of ping g10 13.5 swing about 0. The forward bend alters the effective loft of the club ping g10 13.5 about 1. Bag and trolley new last year. Set of golf clubs and a stand up bag, all in great condition. I don’t want to risk having to play out of the rough at the moment just to get some more distance, so Well pleased Was this review helpful?

Wood holds a Bachelor of Arts in sport journalism from the University of Brighton and a Master of Arts in multimedia sports journalism piny the European University of Madrid.

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Write your review You must enter a review of between and characters. Ping g10 13.5 was perfect as allways. If a PW is not included, you will be required to enter each of the irons individually.

ping g10 13.5 Its going to give even more confidence to the amateur golfer when sat behind the ball at address. Does the condition of my used golf clubs affect the value? Close the cookie policy warning By using this site you agree to the use of cookies. Was this review helpful?


Id have to agree with viscount17 here Bigspuds. This is probably a negative feature for the better golfers and the stronger hitters who report that Ping Drivers seem to Balloon. So if you have a ping g10 13.5 tendency to slice or fade this club is for you.


Great service ping g10 13.5 golfbidder. The drivers come with lofts–the angle of the club face that dictates ball trajectory–of 7. There is a new range of shafts with the G10 and we found the standard TFC that Ping has designed for them to be very good, but as always make sure you get custom fitted.

I have been wery pleased with my cleveland monster draw but i never really got rid of my slice. And quality lasts forever. Nevertheless, its ping g10 13.5 quality edged it to a Gold Award ahead of the other ‘four-star’ drivers.

Although nearing my eighties I am lucky enough to be able to play three times a week. It sounds to me v10 your mates are running scared now you are finding the fairway and getting a consistant distance and are trying to get you back into the old ways with your ping g10 13.5 driver.